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6. Rethink: Are You a Star Player or Team Coach?

On a sports team, every role is important to reaching a goal, and the financial space is no different.

The question is, are you one of the star players or are you the head coach?

In this episode, Adam Holt & Derek Notman discuss how your identity plays a key role in determining how you assist clients and use the analogy of sports to help you understand it better. Adam and Derek speak about how each role is equally as important, but knowing where you fit in can take your client services to the next level.

Adam & Derek discuss:

  • The financial roles on a team and how they compare to their sports analogy
  • How to coordinate your team around different types of clients
  • How to use your identity to lay out expectations for yourself and your clients
  • What you can do to define yourself as a player or coach and how to build the perfect team around you
  • And more

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