Beyond Fiduciary featuring George Kinder (Ep.15)

What do Life Planning and Dream of Freedom have to do with being a Fiduciary? 

In this episode, Adam Holt & Derek Notman invite George Kinder into the Rethink Tank to talk about the critical mindset of being a client fiduciary. George shares his perspective of how financial advice can help people find meaning, and how it starts with listening. 

George discusses:

  • Shares how he views the financial advice market today
  • Opportunities that advisors are missing in the financial space
  • Actionable steps that advisors can take to use unleash fiduciary mindset
  • How we can save the planet! 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Internationally recognized as the father of the Life Planning movement, the Harvard-educated George Kinder revolutionized financial advice for over 30 years by training thousands of professionals globally in the field of financial Life Planning. He founded Kinder Institute of Life Planning in 2003 after 30 years as a practicing financial planner and tax advisor. George is the author of seven books, including three books on money, The Seven Stages of Money Maturity, Lighting the Torch, and Life Planning for You; a book on mindfulness, Transforming Suffering into Wisdom; his recently acclaimed, A Golden Civilization & The Map of Mindfulness; and two books of poetry and photography, including his latest project, Reflections on Spectacle Pond.