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5. Rethink: Financial Advice a Luxury or Necessity?

There is a common phrase that indicates the luxuries of one generation will become the necessities of the next.

But how does this age-old concept relate to the financial industry? 

In this episode, Adam Holt & Derek Notman rethink the financial industry in terms of luxuries versus necessities. The duo dissect how services once seen as luxuries for wealthy individuals are now becoming more common to the mass market, and how advisors should respond to the change.

Adam & Derek discuss:

  • The shift to financial services becoming more common to the mass market
  • Services that the wealthiest clients once used and what is happening with those services today
  • What financial advisors should be doing so they continue to add value while luxuries become necessities 
  • How advisors should add human value – especially when working with a team of professionals 
  • And more

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