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Surviving the (Digital) Tsunami With Jason Wenk (Ep. 19)

A digital tsunami is coming. This is your warning! 

The major changes that are coming to the financial (digital) advisor are going to be disruptive in ways we’ve never seen before.

Adam Holt & Derek Notman welcome Jason Wenk, CEO and founder of Altruist, into the Rethink Tank to discuss the technology revolution and its inevitable impact on the financial advice market. 

Adam, Derek, and Jason discuss:

  • The inevitability of a digital revolution in the financial advice industry
  • How to navigate the transfer of wealth to the next generation
  • What it will mean to reinvent and spin up the flywheel, Amazon style. 
  • Transparency and putting prices on your website
  • And more


Connect With Jason:

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About Our Guest:

Jason Wenk is a serial entrepreneur, fin-tech executive, writer, math geek, financial advisor (RIA), and investment systems developer. He is the founder of Altruist, the first fully-integrated digital brokerage platform for financial advisors, and FormulaFolios, a quantitative investment research firm.