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1. Rethink: Change is Coming

It’s time to rethink what it means to be a financial advisor in the 21st century.  Advisors and clients want something more, join us as we examine and pick apart the status quo and question everything.

Introducing Rethink: The Financial Advisor Podcast

In this inaugural episode, meet your hosts, Adam Holt and Derek Notman! The duo share their stories, starting as advisors to becoming FinTech CEOs, and their journey to finding the need to rethink what it means & takes to thrive as a financial advisor in the 21st century.  Join Adam and Derek as they discuss challenging the status quo and have fun doing it!

Adam & Derek discuss:

  • Why they believe we need to rethink our industry
  • Their stories of becoming entrepreneurs within the FinTech space
  • The importance of mentorship within the financial industry and how this podcast could act as your ‘mini mentor’
  • What to expect from the duo with this show
  • And more

Connect With Adam Holt:

Connect With Derek Notman: